What's the space limit in Odrive after the trial is over?

Hi everyone, right now I’m using Copy as a cloud storage and sync, but as you all know, it’s not going to continue… so I’m considering options for migration. I’d like to know how much space is offered on trial and after the trial expires (without upgrading to premium).

If anyone knows, please let me know ASAP.


odrive allows you to unify, sync, and share all of your storage, but it does not offer its own storage. You would need to link another storage source to move your data out of copy.

You can find a list of storage we link to here:

That’s a shame to hear that, and a little scary.

odrive doesn’t support the Mega cloud, but assuming you are looking for a free alternative, Mega’s free 50GB storage plan is hard to beat. They have a desktop sync client similar to Dropbox’s if you’re interested.

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I think it really depends on your needs (storage space, cost, speed, features, security/privacy, etc.).

The best deal for [paid] unlimited storage is Amazon Cloud Drive. If you don’t need that much space (like less than 15 GB) and want something free, Google Drive and Dropbox are popular choices. If you want to edit office docs online, consider OneDrive… and the list could go on and on. If you were setting up shared storage for a business, then you could consider one of the utility / infrastructure storage providers like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. odrive makes it easy for end-users to consume this kind of storage now, too.

This is one of the transformative things that odrive does, in my opinion. It opens the door up for choice. You don’t even have to choose just one storage vendor… if you want to store documents on OneDrive and photos on Google Drive, it’s no longer such a pain.

If you have more questions or want to let us know more about your needs / uses for cloud storage, feel free to drop another reply.


Are you saying there’s no way to add MegaSync to Odrive? Or HubiC ? Or MediaFire, GooglePhotos, or any of the other free clouds that aren’t in the linked list? I was under the impression we could add any & all our cloud accounts. Is that what the .cloud & .cloudf does (which I haven’t figured out how to use)? If there’s a way, please instruct. Thanks so much! :wink:

So far, any of the clouds not listed here cannot be connected to using odrive.

The .cloud files are the clouds you have connected to odrive, these folders basically separate Dropbox files from your Google Drive files, etc.

The .cloudf (short for ‘cloud files’) are basically placeholder files that are ‘substituting’ for the folders & files that are actually stored in your cloud. When you need to retrieve files, right-clicking on the .cloudf and selecting ‘Sync’ will force odrive to download said files to your computer, so that they can be used and viewed normally. The opposite effect happens when choosing ‘Unsync’, files are removed from your computer, but still remain in the cloud. Unsyncing is not the same as deleting. :slight_smile:

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