What to do with the legacy odrive folder after moving volumes?

A sync was taking up WAY too much space (unavoidable for the moment), and I needed to move it to a larger internal volume.

I’m on macOS, and it went from my SSD to an internal HD. I followed the procedure documented https://docs.odrive.com/docs/odrive-usage-guide#section–move-odrive-folder-to-another-volume-

So far so good (I think).

Then there’s this bit of the documentation:

A new, unsynced odrive folder will be created and will be your active odrive folder moving forward. An old odrive folder will remain where it is in your root (this can serve to be a useful backup).

One limitation is that you can not move the odrive folder to an external volume or a storage volume on the network.

As soon as I moved it to the HD, the odrive folder on the SSD lost all its Finder extension magic, so there was no way to unsync, etc.

So…what should I do with the old odrive folder? It looks like the new odrive folder really is starting from scratch.

Which begs the follow-up question, what do I do with the external “sync to odrive” folders?

Hi @evans,
The original odrive folder is now simply a “backup”. If you don’t need it you can get rid of it. It is mostly there just in case you moved the odrive folder before any new files you had added or updated had the chance to be synced to the cloud.

“Sync to odrive” folder should still work as they are, as they are separate mounts, entirely. You shouldn’t need to move them or re-create them. Are you seeing that sync still works for those?