What syncs with what?

I have a new account. I have Amazon Cloud Drive and use a Mac Pro with OS 10.11.4. I sync’ed my Documents folder on the desktop with the Documents folder on the Amazon Cloud Drive with odrive. I noticed that when I re-arranged some files in subfolders today in my desktop Documents folder, this re-arrangement did not carry over to the odrive Documents. There, it remained in the same arrangement as when I initially uploaded/synced it. Am I expecting too much from odrive? Will it sync subfolder arrangements?
Thank you.


To confirm, you right-clicked->“sync to odrive” the Documents folder on your desktop and choose the “Documents” folder to sync with. It was working, and now it is not.

You are not expecting too much from odrive. It will sync subfolder arrangements. Can you check if:

  1. odrive is running
  2. the Documents folder shows up in the odrive system menu (this confirms the documents folder is still configured to sync)
  3. you are a premium subscriber (syncing external folders is a premium feature)