What is the simplest way to move files and folders around?

I need to get some files and folders moved around, specifically in my Amazon Cloud Drive app. I have multiple environments (amazon cloud drive app, mac, pc, etc) and need to know the best method for organizing everything.

Should I do this on the PC, the Mac or the Amazon Cloud Drive app?

I’m having issues where moving things around doesn’t move them around in all environments. It’s frustrating.

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As long as you move files and folders WITHIN the same Amazon Cloud Drive account, there should be no problem. If you drag and drop placeholders or real items, odrive will move them in the cloud and sync that to all environments. If you copy and paste files and folders, odrive will duplicate them. If you copy and past placeholder files, odrive will undo the action since you can’t add placeholder files (they have no content).

Please note that if you are waiting for the move to show up on other computers, there will be at lease a 15-30 second to lag.

One more tip, make sure you are making all your moves on one computer. If you are making change on two environments at the same time, odrive will accurately sync but the interim results might be confusing.

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Hi Peter,

Will there be a feature to move the placeholder files to another location (within the same cloud or different cloud) and odrive would move or copy them automatically without user having to download them?


Hi @dliao611,
It is something we’ve discussed, but we don’t have any current plans for it.