What is the best Cloud storage provider for odrive?

I’m using Dropbox with odrive now, but I notice that at some point, odrive needs to pause because of too many API calls to Dropbox. Dropbox only let odrive make x API calls, so, odrive is limited here.

Is this also true with other Cloud storage providers?

Let’s say I’m new to odrive, what Cloud Provider do you recommend?


Like “Dropbox enforces a limit on the rate that requests can be made to their service. You have made too many requests recently and hit this limit. Please wait a few minutes before making additional requests to Dropbox.”

Hi @PatrickMast,
All “end-user” clouds will have some form of rate limiting. Microsoft tends to be the most strict (with Sharepoint/Office 365/OneDrive for Business being worse than OneDrive personal), then Amazon, then probably Dropbox. I have found that Google seems to have the highest tolerances, but they will kick in a rate limit eventually.

If you use “utility” storage, like S3 and Wasabi you will never be rate-limited, but that storage won’t have all of the bells and whistles that typical consumer storage has.

There are trade-offs for each service, so it will usually depend on what your needs and use cases are. Dropbox rate-limiting shouldn’t be kicking in for normal, every-day use.

  • Were you doing a lot of bulk operations?
  • What are your use cases?

Thank you Tony. I will keep an eye on it.

I’m a developer and have lots of small source files on my computer



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Does Google Cloud Storage have rate limiting?

Hi @PatrickMast,
Google Cloud storage is similar to S3 and doesn’t have same types of rate limits like those on the Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. There are some limits, but they are likely things you will never hit:


What about Autodesk drive? or BIM 360 docs? Is there any known limitations?

Hi @ArthurG,
The Autodesk does have rate limits, but they are, at least, well defined: https://forge.autodesk.com/en/docs/data/v2/developers_guide/rate-limiting/dm-rate-limits/

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