What does "source files" refer to in the "Empty Trash" dialog box?


I am starting to use odrive and trying out different cloud providers.

My Use Case is that I sync to the cloud. I do not sync from the cloud.
So my Source Files are all on my systems locally where I am.
My synced files are to be in the cloud

So I was experimenting moving stub files in the odrive folder from one cloud provider to another and I noticed that my trash folder had an entry for a top level of a folder I cut and pasted to another providers folder within my odrive local folder,

When attempting to empty the trash, I get this warning

It says when emptying the trash it will delete files from my source. Well that is worrying. I cannot risk my local source files being deleted - so what is source files when syncing to the cloud ?

I also noticed it has not synced any contents yet to the cloud provider I moved the stub file to

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Hi @sa2016,
I think the confusion is stemming from a misunderstanding about sync capabilities. odrive cannot perform cloud moves between different providers. This is a cool feature, to be sure, but requires extensive logic and infrastructure to achieve. It is something we have talked about doing in the future, however.

Generally, when moving placeholders between odrive services, odrive should put the placeholders back in the original locations, because this is not supported. Because you are seeing something different, and files appearing in the trash, I may not fully understand your flow. Can you walk me through the steps and paths?


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Thanks for the quick response

On system tray odrive icon, I selected Open odrive folder
I have there the linked cloud providers
So I opened one of the cloud providers top level folder
Then I selected one of the blue ticked stub placeholder objects
I cut it
Then I went to another cloud provider top level folder in my odrive folder
I pasted that stub placeholder

Then later I noticed in system try odrive , I have entry Trash bin (1)
which shows the top of the directory structure placeholder that I cut earlier

I do not mind that it is unsupported - my concern is that the dialogue box for emptying the trash said it would delete my source files. Well my source files are my files on my local servers and no way would I want odrive to tamper with them

I sync to the cloud
I do not sync from the cloud

I felt unsafe to empty the trash as I do not know what odrive will do

How do I recover my current position?

For the odrive trash dialog, odrive considers the authoritative source to be the cloud service, and not the local file system. Think of it in terms of multiple clients; every client is asking the cloud for changes and reacting accordingly. The clients are not communicating with each other, so they key off the cloud, as the authority for what is “in sync”.

When it says it will delete files from the source, it means the cloud storage source. By the time the files are shown in the “odrive trash”, they have most likely already been deleted on the local filesystem. For example, if you delete a file in the odrive folder, odrive will ppick that up as a local delete and hold it in the “odrive trash” until you decide to empty it. It is a safety measure to ensure that users do not inadvertently delete their cloud files.

You can read more about the “odrive trash” here:

It sounds like you may be looking for more of a backup solution than a sync solution. Sync is bi-directional, whereas backup is one-way. We are working on a backup feature, which should be released in the few few months of next year.

Thank you

I have now used Recover to put the file back where it was within the odrive folder

The odrive folder is on my local filesystem
The files I sync to the cloud are on various servers and I access them through mapped network drives and I used the mapped network drive with a folder path to define what to sync to the cloud

I do want one-directional sync and the new product next year is probably what I need. Will my current premium account subscription cover that as well ?

Could you advise on the steps I need to go through to switch synced folders to different cloud provider. I have seen a question on the forum for syncing to multiple providers and that was stated as unsupported. So to switch some folder sets synced to the cloud from one provider to another, what steps do I need to follow to do that?

So Assume I have a network path local folder V:\Photos which is currently uploaded through odrive sync to cloud provider xxxxx with a path of /folder1/folder2

What steps should I go through to remove it from cloud provider xxx and switch the sync to provider yyy

At the moment I run with odrive download option set
Set auto download set to Never
Set auto unsync Never
Set auto empty trash Never

OK - I am going to do it one by one - this way

  • odrive System tray icon
  • Sync to odrive
  • Open xxxxx folder
  •  Go up a level to parent folder
  •     Right Click: Remove Sync
  •     Right Click: Sync to odrive
  •        Select new cloud destination path

I intend to have multiple local paths syncing to same destination path in the cloud - a many to one relation. Hope that is allowed

Hi @sa2016,

Your steps are correct. You would need to remove sync from the folder and then “sync to odrive” to the new remote location. Make sure that you have not unsynced any of the local folder content, beforehand. If you have you will want to sync it back down so the new destination will receive it.

Backup will be covered in your Premium subscription, when it comes out.