What circumstances will cause odrive to delete files in the cloud?

If I format my Mac without uninstalling odrive, will I lose everything of Google (I mean synced everything of Google Drive will be deleted from Google Drive by odrive)? I’m overly worried.

Hi @gusbemacbe,
When odrive is running, it will detect file and folder deletes within the odrive folders. When it detects those deletes, it lists them in the “odrive trash”, where it will hold off on syncing those deletes to your cloud storage until you “empty” the odrive trash. https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-changes#section--recover-files-from-trash-

Formatting a drive is a different process than file and folder deletes, so, even if odrive is running and continues to run while you are formatting the drive that the odrive folder is installed to, the most it will detect is that the odrive folder is now missing, which halts all syncing until corrected.

Do I have to exit odrive before formatting? And do I need to uninstall odrive after exiting and before formatting?

I recommend uninstalling odrive before formatting and then installing again once that is complete.

I exited oDrive, but there’s a “odrive Finder extension” according to Activity Monitor. Do I need to terminate this process too?

It is not required to terminate that process, but I would suggest following these steps to perform an uninstall:

The terminal said:

rm: odrive: No such file or directory

My odrive folder is located in /Users/gusbemacbe/odrive/

But it renamed odrive folder to odrive_2017-03-01/15/11/26.

I’m still overly worried.

The last part where it is trying to remove /Library/Application Support/odrive is a legacy location. It may not be there if you’ve installed odrive more recently and you can ignore the error.