What are the accounts I used for OneDrive?

I have 3 onedrive’s connected to Odrive. I used the rename feature, but now I do not remember which account (emailaddress) is behind that account. oDrive is asking me to re-login to those accounts, but I don’t know which one it wants from me. Where can I find the account that is hiding behind a link?

note: i found a similar post from 2017 here

seems there is no solution, but to try all my microsoft accounts one by one

Hi @zabinko,
Apologies for the inconvenience on this.

For some links we aren’t provided the e-mail address, so we display the information we are provided (user name). Unfortunately this can end up being the same for several of the user’s links, as you have seen.

If the information displayed next to the link on the web client (https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive) isn’t sufficient, try browsing into your OneDrive links on the web client.

The link that needs to be reauthorized will prompt you as you browse into it on the web client. The links that do not need to be re-authorized should successfully show the contents, as you browse in, and hopefully give you a better idea of which account is which, based on the folders and files displayed.