WebDAV syncs... and then it doesn't

I couldn’t find anyone else with a problem like this. I’m trying to use this to mount my Neocities site, as it apparently the default Windows WebDAV has issues with SSL, whatever that means. The actual connection process works fine at first, with folders and files appearing on both the web and desktop parts of odrive. But in either one, when I try to open either a file or a folder, it says that “The item does not exist on the WebDAV server.” I could, like, use some help? Finding the right program to do this with that you don’t have to pay for is already difficult enough.

Hi @samanthaberne,
Thanks for reaching out.

WebDAV implementations can be pretty finicky. If you send a diagnostic over, we can take a look and see what’s going on.

Just let me know when you send it.

Thanks @Tony , I have sent the diagnostics, as requested.

Hi @samanthaberne,
Thanks for sending that over!

Unfortunately it looks like the error message sent back isn’t giving much to go off of. When we are sending the path to the server it is responding that that path doesn’t exist.

We would probably need an account on the service to debug with to see where the disconnect is. I’ll look into that next week and see what our options are.

Thank you very much @Tony . I’m in no rush, so don’t stress it. Though do note that connecting that service to WebDAV requires paying, so I’m not sure what to do in this case.

Hi @samanthaberne,
I was able to debug this. Their WebDAV service is a bit funky…

You can get it working with the URL: https://neocities.org:443/webdav (include the :443 in the url). That will get around the “not found” errors.

They also have issues with spaces in folder and file names, so you will want to avoid those. The issue there is they are not decoding the URL encoded names, so a folder named “New Folder” will end up being created as “New%20Folder”.

Just let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @samanthaberne,
I am just following-up on this to make sure you saw my post above. Hopefully this allows you to work with neocities, despite their funky WebDAV integration.