Web Release (03-05-2021)

Hi folks,

We have a new web release today with the following integration improvements:

Web and Server Release:

  • Slack: fix for Slack API deprecation causing issues with the integration.
  • Procore: the company name now appears as a shortened display name through odrive. The rules for calculating the display name include:
    • Remove any blank spaces.
    • Omit trailing periods (such as for when “Inc.” is at the end of a name (reduces issues with trailing periods on Windows desktops).
    • Truncate the name to the first 8 characters.
  • Procore: project IDs are now prepended to the front of the project name (e.g. 1234 - My Project)
  • OneDrive for Business/SharePoint: improved handling to only present the OAuth consent screen again when necessary (instead of every time).
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

The Procore prepended project ID is already out on the latest desktop sync app. We plan to release the other items to the sync app as soon as possible, so stay tuned for that announcement in the near future.