Web previews aren't shown for images on Amazon S3


I just started to use Odrive a few days ago because sounds good to use our own storage provider. First I tried to upload a bunch of pictures downloaded from Google, just for test purposes, but when I do click on preview icon no thumbnail is shown. Just a couple of photos were showed. It is a kind of limitation? or there is something wrong with odrive?

My storage provider is Amazon S3, and I’m using only the web interface.

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Hi @oscar.mata,
For image previews we will generally pull them from the provider. Most cloud storage providers will generate thumbnails and make those available via an API (Dropbox does this, for example).

In the S3 case there are no auto-generated thumbnails, so odrive will take a look at the size of the photos and, if they are small enough, will display them as the preview. If they are too large you will not get the preview.

Thank you for your reply. But a bad thing for users :frowning:

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By the way, what is the max file size that odrive will use for preview images?

Hi @oscar.mata,
It is set to 100KB max size for thumbnails.

@Tony Thank you!!!

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