Wasabi integration support

Do you guys plan to offer support for Wasabi?

Looks quite promising as a cloud-storage provider: faster and cheaper than Amazon S3, and designed to be S3-compatible within app API’s.


Thanks for the request @mikeseb1.

Opening up our Amazon S3 integrations to S3 compatibles is something we are definitely considering. Once the next generation of odrive is out we may be able to provide an interface for generic S3 linking.

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Yes, I am also looking to use Odrive with Wasabi! Would be great. Thanks in advance.


I’m at the end of my trial period, and I’m going to let it lapse for now. But if you guys provide Wasabi support and a monthly subscription plan, you’ll have a customer.

Hi @mikeseb1,
Keep in mind that once the trial expires you will still have access to the free features, which are pretty numerous and may still be able to satisfy your use cases (aside from Wasabi support).

More info on that:

Just another vote on this. Wasabi support would be a game-changer.

Would love to see Wasabi cloud storage integration. It is compatible with S3 API so I imagine it wouldn’t be too different from Amazon S3 storage to add.

Another vote for wasabi.

Same here. With it I would subscribe; without it the system doesn’t really work for me and given compatibility with S3 it seems an easy thing to accomplish; only the server url changes…

S3 compatible support is here!