Want to change folder location

Is it possible to change odrive folder location from c drive to other location on my pc?? If possible how can i do that?? Help me…

You can find the option to move the odrive folder in the odrive tray menu as “Move odrive folder”.

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where to find tray menu?? can u give me screanshoot please…

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tnx bro… i got it

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My tray menu is missing Move odrive folder? Why?

Never mind I rebooted the machine and now it is there. Odd

Hi @eddieknoxllc,
Thanks for the follow-up. I’m glad you were able to get it working. That is odd, I’m not sure why the option wasn’t there before the restart.

How do I do that on Linux ?

Hi @prashantsmahale,
With the odrive agent you specify the local mount location when you set it up. Take a look at step 4. here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/odrive-sync-agent#using-the-cliagent-all-platforms

I have already set it up for the home drive. I would like to change it. Is that possible and how to do it ?

Hi @prashantsmahale,
You would need to unmount the current mount and the configure the new mount in the new location. If there is existing data in the local folder you choose, odrive will merge it with the remote location.