Waiting 200+ for months it seems


running the latest prod 7053 on windows 2019

mostly its all mp4 and jpegs.

bandwidth in the office is 500/500 and from the server minimal traffic.

i just sent the diag, however not from my account, via PM i can get you the right email address/account.

Hi @jersam,
Looking at the diagnostic I saw an issue that I think this test version will fix.

Can you exit odrive, download, and install this new version and let me know if it starts to address the items in waiting?


Thanks I’ll connect in and give it a go tonight!

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Just applied the update will let odrive scan and do its thing, currently showing 43 files. All pdf strangely.

Thanks @jersam,
Can you send another diagnostic in about 10 minutes? I can take a look at see if there is anything else that may need to be addressed.

@Tony sent your way!


Hi @jersam,
It looks like odrive is still going through the scan and picking up things.

Something that was surprising is that it actually looks like the most recent diagnostic sent is from a different system, or at least a different Windows user, than the one you sent previously, so I can’t tell if the change made is addressing what I saw with the large file uploads.

Can you provide some information on your setup?

  • A lot of the environment looks the same, in terms of drive letters, but the Windows users are different and some of the odrive configuration is different (blacklist items, sync rules, etc…)
  • The recent diagnostic also looks like it may have been a Windows user that had not run odrive in quite a while? Is that correct?

It is confusing me a bit, so I just wanted to better understand and make sure that things are setup properly. Having two different Windows users, with different setups, syncing the same folders can possibly produce some unexpected results, especially if one user hasn’t run odrive for a very long time.

For clarity:
The original diagnostic was from the Windows user: user
The new diagnostic was from the Windows user : Administrator

It seems like Administrator's odrive information is really out of date. Like, the last time it was run before today was back in January?


i am logged into the system as user and I right click the odrive icon in taskbar I see prod 7054

cmd > whoami > I am logged in as user.

I just sent a diag right now, I see the 200+ in the waiting but the system is uploading with full port now.

Hi @jersam,
Thanks for the response!

I’m guessing what happened is that user didn’t have the proper permissions to install, so the install was done using the Administrator account. When that happened and the app was started automatically after install, it was started as Administrator, since that was the user that was controlling the install process. Does that sound possible?

It looks like the app was restarted again, since the new diagnostic shows the process is running as user again.

In any case, things are uploading and not stuck in waiting, which is great, and the most important concern! Everything should eventually resolve and be safe in your cloud storage. There may be some “conflict” detection that kicks in because of the different states and users working on the same storage, resulting in a duplicate file upload, but these files can always be pruned at a later time, if needed.


You are 100% right on that.

I have to install as admin then open the app as user.

All the files are uploaded now, I will update to the latest in a weeks time.

thank you!

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