View All Sync Definitions in odrive

New to ODrive, so, working a few things out,

For instance, is there a place I can see all defined sync tasks? That is, I’ve set up a couple of syncs and they’re working great, but, as I don’t study this every day I know that in 3 months or so, if I need to sort out what’s what in ODrive, at the moment, it appears I’ll have to go through every directory and line out what’s being synced and I’m not sure I’ll be able to work out 'to Where" those syncs will be pointed.

So, is there a place that shows/summarizes all defined sync tasks and whether active or not (if it’s possible to have inactive sync tasks, sync tasks set to be inactive) ?


Hi @kwlandry,
The “sync to odrive” folders are listed under “sync to odrive” in the odrive menu. If you click on one of the items listed it will open Explorer/Finder to that local folder. If there is an issue with the folder (the local folder has been renamed or the remote folder is missing/cannot be accessed, for example) it will list that issue there, as well and clicking on it will provide a prompt to help address the issue.

It is possible to get a bit more “consumable” information from the odrive CLI, as well. This is a bit more advanced, but can be useful in some cases. Take a look at this post here for more information on that: How can I use the CLI to check odrive status?

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the reply,
I did know of the folders under odrive, it’s where I can see Dropbox and AmazonDrive, the two cloud services I set up to use with odrive. And, yes, I’m aware of the right-click on folders and files for the context menu choice to “Sync to oDrive”, it’s where I set the sync tasks to be done by oDrive.

And thanks for the link to the CLI commands, I’m sure they’ll come in handy some day.

However, what I’m looking for is a listing or summary of all defined sync tasks, what’s defined to be synced from where, to where. E.g.
1- MacintoshHD folder XYZ to DropBox Folder XYX Actively Syncing Defined 12:34, Nov 15, 2018
2-DropBox ABC to local folder MacintoshHD-FolderABC Set as Inactive/Paused/… Defined 15:12, Nov 18, 2018
3-MacintoshHD folder MNO to AmazonDrive Folder Actively Syncing Defined 09:44, Nov 25, 2018

As it stands now, while I can see odrive activity from the odrive menu bar info, various files being synced, etc…, I can’t see what’s defined overall, what sync tasks are, in fact, defined at all.

And, it’s important because, after setting odrive up, I’ve spent several days focusing on the work I need to accomplish each day. Then, returning back to odrive to make sure all was well, all the syncs I wanted accomplished are, in fact, being done, I realize there is no summary of what’s defined anywhere and I’m pretty sure I’m not remembering every one of the folders that I’ve set to be “synced to odrive”.

So, I’m blind to what’s actually going on, and it’s not going to get better after a couple of months of getting my work done, and needing to revisit odrive to manage sync tasks. It may be possible to crawl through everything to see what can be seen and reconstructing what is going on through abstract reference, but, I simply don’t have time for that.

So, please pass on to the product team that showing a summary of all defined sync tasks would be a useful, actually essential feature,


Hi @kwlandry,
Thanks for the reply!

Sorry for not being more clear in my previous post. The “sync to odrive” I was referring to is in the odrive tray menu. You’ll find it towards the bottom above “Authorized User”:


That gives a listing of all of the folders you’ve setup. It doesn’t show the remote information, however, and I have passed that request onto the product team to see if that can be included in some way.