Using Slack with odrive - How it works and what you can do with it

This thread is specifically for people to ask questions and learn more about how to effectively use the odrive Slack integration.

What does the integration do?
odrive allows you to sync all your Slack files to your desktop. This means that any channels (private or public) and any direct messages that contain documents, images, or any other files can be accessed and used on your desktop.

Every channel or direct message becomes a folder inside your odrive/Slack folder.

When you make edits to these files or add new files to any of these folders inside your odrive Slack folder, your edits get automatically pushed to that room or that direct message.

odrive also contains an awesome gallery view via the odrive web client that makes sorting and finding images super fast.

Feel free to ask any questions about the Slack integration here, tell us how much you like it, and perhaps most importantly, tell us what else you’d like to see or what you would find a useful addition to the integration.


cool to see an integration that does more than just sync files, it posts messages on your behalf! too cool! good job @WillyN!

We have a Slack channel set up with a client and our internal devs. The combined team is asking to use odrive to sync the files posted in Slack to their local machines.

  1. This is what odrive does…right?
  2. If I open up this access, can I restrict their syncing only to happen with files in channels for which they are approved to view? We have private documents from other clients in other channels and I need to make sure I can restrict access.


odrive will sync files in slack channels to a folder on the users local machine.

odrive is limited to the access permission of the user. Users can not access/sync channels they don’t have access to. From an administrative pov, you can be assured that user access rights are not altered by using odrive.

I recommend you link slack on your own odrive. It only takes a few clicks. You’ll see that only channels the user has access to can sync in odrive.

Does that help? Let us know if you have any questions.

Yes, this helps. Thanks for the confirmation. Before seeing your message, I tried setting up a test account in our Slack environment so I could inspect the behavior. Unfortunately I received a message reading “Your team’s settings don’t allow authorizing apps like odrive.”

I’m the admin of the Slack team and I don’t have any settings (intentionally) set to prevent this from working. Is it possible this is not supported with Single-Channel Slack users, by chance?

Or is there some other setting I should be looking for in the Slack Admin console?

By the way, I should have been more clear: The test account I set up is a single-channel user which is how our clients are set up in the system.

Can you check these settings?

^Shamelessly lifted from introhq’s help page until I can create one here…

Checked it. Ours is set to Any full team member.

However, when I select the Team Owners and Selected Members option, the Guess Account (Single Channel Guests) are not listed there to chose them.

I’m afraid that may be the case.

Guests cannot:
“Create or make changes to apps or custom integrations”

The wording is a little bit imprecise since you want to authorize/use an app not create or edit, but there seem to be guest restrictions in that area.

Have you tried reaching out to Slack to see if they can clarify?

I have not, but I will go that route now. I will post back if I learn anything new.

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Hiya. How do I download all my messages from slack using odrive? I dont see them synced.

Hi @muk2,
odrive will sync the files from your Slack, but it doesn’t export the messages.