Using odrive desktop to sync a fragmented / distributed set of folders?

I didn’t see this in the startup guides, and it’s a hard question to search for - apologies if a duplicate. The closest I found was about using the sync agent with CLI here (Using Sync Agent to sync a folder outside odrive folder?) but i was wondering if there was a way to do this without the premium version and simpler for common users. That post is also about syncing between 2 computers and not with a cloud provider.

Use case:
I want to sync some local folders, outside of the onedrive central folder, to specific subdirectories of a particular cloud storage provider.
Windows 10 desktop client

For example, in my Google Drive \docs\bigfoot\photos
I want to sync with my local c:\research\bigfoot\photos\

And set up these sort-of mount points from different local filesystems.

That’s the basic use case. Then more advanced, I would like to be able to set up sync parameters like uni/bidirectional and also be able to limit the amount transfered and/or pause syncing (in order to stay under my ISP’s monthly transfer limits).

Is this possible, and how?

Hi @piledriver,
It sounds like you are talking about “sync to odrive” a Premium feature where you can setup a sync relationship between a local folder that is outside of odrive and a remote folder. Take a look here for more information:

Yes that does look like what I’m trying to do. Bummer it’s in premium, as that seems like a pretty basic feature if you’re going to install odrive on a desktop client as a new user.