Using free odrive account on new computer

Hello, I have been using the free client of Odrive for some time now. The free function are enough for me as I only use this for 1 cloud storage on 3 computers (work desktop, home desktop and laptop) and my cloud storage (Amazon) does not provide folder synchronisation on its own. It has been working brialiantly.
Now, however, I have got a new home desktop PC, and when reinstalling everything on this, including Odrive, new files and folder do no longer automatically synch on the new computer. On the other computers (where I still have the original installation) this is working. For my home computer it appear I now need to upgrade to premium. But it was working before and in the description of Odrive subscription on the website the automatic synching is a free function. As I do not need all the premium function I would like to try to avoid the subscription (or there should be a “light” or “home” version for home users that just want auto synching).
I am I doing something wrong that my new files are no longer automatically synched to my new computer (as mentioned, the other way around it does work, i.e. when placing a new file on my home computer it gets autosynched to my work desktop).
I really could use some assistance. Thanks.

Hi @robvanwalbeek,
I think you might be referring to “Sync rules”, that enable auto-download of new remote files, is that correct?

This is a premium feature. I believe there is still a “bug” that will retain some of these types of settings after the trial expiration (the settings are not reset). These persisted settings are specific to the local machine and will not carry over to additional machines or be retained after uninstall/reinstall.

Files that have already been synced on a machine and are updated in the cloud will be automatically downloaded in the free version (kept updated and in-sync). The Premium feature covers new files and folders that appear remotely and allows those to be auto-downloaded/expanded as opposed to showing up as placeholders in the free version.

Thsnk you. This is indeed what I was talking about: new files and what I use Odrive for: now it is not working on my new home PC but on the other computers it still is. If it is a premium feature it supports my wish of having a “light” version, as this would be the only function I would use out of all premium feature, and let’s be honest $ 8/month is too expensive for just this (it might be worth it for all other gained functions, however when one does not use any o f it, you have to pay for what you do not use). Maybe something to think about: light version or $2/month, same as free but with auto-synching of new files and folders enabled.

Hi @robvanwalbeek,
Unfortunately we don’t have smaller plans, but we may be able to provide some sort of loyalty discount for being a long-time user of odrive. I’ll send you a message directly concerning this.