Using Amazon and oDrive for easily accessible photo backups

I’ve been searching for a good photo backup solution for ages, and finally found it using oDrive and Amazon Prime’s photo storage. Thought it worth sharing here!

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Thanks @smblythe! Nice write up.

You may be interested in taking a look at the just released, initial version of the odrive2 web client at, too. It is approaching things in a slightly different way, but maintains the core philosophy of access/management/sharing of all of your storage in one place. Note: odrive2 uses a separate login than odrive.


I already signed up. Nice UI and it is super responsive and quick. Not very useful though without desktop and mobile clients.

Hi @eprisencc,
Initial versions of iOS and Android have actually been released, as well. You can find them on the app stores. We also have an initial Windows desktop client available in our private beta group.

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Well that is cool! Looking forward to when the desktop version is released for OSX :slight_smile:

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