Users and login

Is there a way to use another method to login or I must have an OAUTH account anyway?
I need a method to share a Wasabi bucket with people without gmail or similar, just by normal email/username and password.
Is it possible?


Hi @teamtools,
For odrive accounts, we currently only offer OAuth methods for sign-up/login.

Can you describe your use case a bit more so I can better understand what you want to do and how odrive fits in?

I have a bucket on Wasabi.
Two or more users allowed to access this space using odrivesync to work on shared files found in the bucket.

Are you using spaces to share the wasabi folder?

Also, to be more specific, not all the user allowed to access this bucket have gmail or OAuth accouts.

Hi @teamtools,
We currently offer login with the following services:

  • Google
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft (personal)
  • Microsoft (business)
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Procore

If your users don’t have any accounts on those existing services, the only current option is to create one. Some folks have done this in the past by just creating an account (on Google, for example) that is used exclusively for odrive signup/login (similar to how they would need to create an odrive-specific login, if that was offered).

I apologize for the inconvenience on this. Hopefully this won’t be too much of a hindrance for your users.

Ok, I was going to do the same.
I’m going to test it.


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