Use of my KINDLE

How do I place documents from my computer into a folder so that they will appear on my KINDLE?

We do not have an android client yet, but you can use the web browser to access the odrive web client, which is optimized for mobile use. From there you can download any files in your odrive.

I’ve added my Amazon Cloud Drive to odrive. On the computer I place stuff in a folder there, wait for it to sync, then on my Fire I can browse “Documents” and download files to the device. Works like a champ-- it’s my preferred way of getting PDFs onto my Fire.

Can’t speak to if this would work for non-Fire Kindle devices, though.


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Hi mikep,

I think the feature you’re asking for was disabled from Amazon some months ago. It’s sounds to me to receive a notification indicating that you put in “Document to be sent to my Kindle” will no work no more. So, the feature I was most interested, synchronization of personal documents between diferents readers is not working, only for purchased documents e-books.



I know that the process I described has worked within the last couple of weeks: I’ve very recently downloaded a manual in PDF format, copied that manual to a folder on my Amazon Cloud Drive, then browsed to that folder on my Fire (via “Docs”) and been able to download the PDF to the device and read it there.

Perhaps that isn’t possible with Kindles that aren’t in the “Fire” line.


OK. Now I understand you.

Sorry I can’t help you.