Uploading (backing up) SD cards to Google Drive

A coworker and I will be traveling and capturing a ton of video in SD cards that, we hope to, upload/backup to Google Drive overnight.
These SD cards will be wiped out the following day, reused for new footage and uploaded/backed up to GDrive again - this will be the daily practice for 7 days.

Question - is the odrive “backup” feature the best way to just upload/backup files from SD cards to Google Drive?


Hi @mac25,
We haven’t done internal testing with backing up sd cards, but it should work without any issues.

Since sd cards can tend to be a little bit more finnicky and fragile, I would suggest copying the data to the local computer, first, if that is possible, and then doing the backup on the local folder that you copied the data to. This will avoid additional wear on the sd card that you would experience by backing-up directly from the sd card.

Something else to consider is that you may not be able to upload all of the data overnight, depending on the amount of data and the speed of the connection.

Thank you - great suggestion about copying the files out of the SD drive.
One more question:
I’m attaching our current “odrive_user_premium_conf.txt” configuration for our current gigabit connection.

Given we don’t know what our connection is going to be during travel, would it be OK to leave the configuration as is?


Hi @mac25,
Backup (as opposed to sync) doesn’t actually use these values. Backup is built to be more of a background task, so it is a bit more “slow and steady” and doesn’t have all of the dials to tweak its behavior.

If you are using sync:
If the connection is stable and quick you will probably be okay, but I recommend dialing back the MaxConcurrent and initialUploadBatchSize values, unless it is a Gb connection. For example, reduce the values by 20-40%

If the connection is slower or may be flaky, then it would be best to reduce the maxConcurrent values to 1 or 2 and initialUploadBatchSize to 1 or 2.

We’ll be using backup only so “slow and steady” works great.

Thanks for all or the valuable information. It comes in handy to know that.

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