Upload restarts all the time

I recently got Odrive so im pretty new but i seem to know how this work by now.

I have my folder and have my stuff in it, i have som big size files (about 7-12gb) and when i try to upload them to my cloud on Amazon Drive it does not go upp to 100%. It restarts by it self all the time. Sometimes the file upload goes up to about 50%, and then suddenly back to 0%. Happens over and over again.

I tried remove the files from the folder and then put them back in again. Did not help. I have good internet connection so that would not be an issue. It’s really annoying since i really need to upload this files ASAP. I’m using a macbook air with 10.12 sierra.

Another thing i would like to add, you should integrate a timer to the upload/download. That way it’s easier for all of us to do schedule.

Thanks in advance, Jim

Hi @jimpz1,
Amazon is notorious for large file upload problems. The crux of the issue is that they will either error out before the upload is done, or, the upload actually completes, but they tell us it failed and so we retry it. Take a look at this thread for some additional info on this: Amazon Drive Sync to 98% - Repeat

If you want to send a diagnostic from the odrive menu I can take a look.

I see, i somehow manage to upload it through their own applacation… Its annoying, i would really like to get it into my odrive folder. Can i see it in my odrive folder even if i upload it through their applacation in the same Amazon Drive folder?

Thanks! I sent a diagnostic!

Hi @jimpz1,
I took a look at most of the exceptions are network exceptions (timeout or broken connection). This can happen for a variety of reasons, most relating to some for of network instability.

I have seen, in my own use, that Amazon has more of these types of exceptions than others. On large file transfers this can have a big impact because the longer you are uploading a file, the more likely you will have a break in the connection somewhere.

It may be worthwhile to use Amazon’s application to upload these stubborn files. The reason their client can manage to push these files up is that they are making use of a resume upload API that they have, unfortunately, not released to developers to use yet. I have observed their client using this API in the background and it allows it to resume from multiple failures per upload. In my tests I saw the large files I was uploading fail multiple times, but it was able to continue where it left off. I just wish they would let us use that API…

Ok i understand Tony, well i will use their applacation for big files and odrives for smaller files since it much easier to manage. Thanks for the reply.

Let’s hope they change their mind and let developers use their API.

And as i said earlier, it would be great if you would integrate some kind of timer on the upload/download. Thanks for your help! Keep up the good work!

One more question, can i use sync/unsync in the free version?

Hi @jimpz1,
Sync is available in the free version. Unsync is a premium feature. Take a look at this post for full details on the differences between free and premium:

I’m having the same problem using Odrive with Amazon Cloud Drive - a 15GB file keeps restarting the upload.

Would the Split Large Files setting help work around this?
Where does the file get split? Only during upload/download process, and it is reassembled into 1 file on the receiving end again? Or does the file get split up on my local drive BEFORE transfer?

I’ve been reading posts in the forum about Split Large Files. I’m reading that the files are transferred and stored in the Amazon Cloud in their split up format. They must be reassembled manually with a series of command line commands or a script. I’m looking for a solution that is transparent to the user - no user intervention required.

Hi @eric.koester,
IFS (split files) should not require manual intervention, but Amazon has shown instability in downloads which causes problems for transparent IFS download/reassembly.

Right now you are probably going to have issues with Amazon no matter what since they are being slammed by all of the users trying to migrate off their system after the announcement that they are getting rid of their unlimited storage plan.

See here for more details:

I was reading this thread about how the files are stored in fragments on Amazon Cloud Drive.

Like user lodotek, I am uploading a multi-Gigabyte video file and plan to share it with a couple of people straight from the Amazon Cloud Drive page. But, since the file will be broken up into fragments they won’t be able to get the intact video file from the Amazon Cloud Drive page, as intended.

Hi @eric.koester,
Yes, if you are wanting to share the file via Amazon Drive’s web interface then splitting the files with IFS is not going to be a good solution.