Upload efficiency when syncing external folders

I am syncing external folders to get them moved to Amazon Cloud Drive, then unsyncing them after upload. Is there a performance penalty syncing many folders at once?

I individually synced some 15 folders with thousands of files and some 230 GB. I estimated the upload time to be about 17 hours. It took about 50% longer than estimated. During the upload there were times odrive was uploading as many as 80 or more files at once ( Syncing changes ) and as many as 2000 files in Waiting status (just what does that mean?).

On the other hand, if I sync just a folder with many subfolders, then just a few files are uploaded at a time.

Is one of these methods (or something else) preferable to the other and more efficient?

Lastly, are there local odrive files I can dig into that reveal errors and retries, etc. during upload or download?

Thank you.

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Hi @Mark_H,
Right now concurrency can be quite variable, as you’ve seen. It is one of the things we are currently focusing on in Engineering. There isn’t really a preferred method for uploading currently aside from just letting the odrive client do its thing.

In the next major release (still several weeks out), the efficiency and control over uploads will be improved significantly. We will also have some user-viewable logs that can help to understand what may be happening if things are behaving unexpectedly.

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Thank you, @Tony, I look forward to the new version. When breaking new ground like odrive is doing, providing more transparency from the software can help relieve user frustration. Your forum also appears to provide quick and thorough answers. Nice.