Updating to MacOS 10.13, High Sierra?

Hey guys,

Quick question… I’m about to update to High Sierra from Sierra - am I alright to go ahead? Anything in particular to look out for?


It works for me :slight_smile:
You will get a warning that High Sierra is not supported though…

@Tony do you have an update for us MacOS users?

Uh-oh, that’s slightly worrying… I’ve already begun the update.

Will update if things go t*ts up!

Hi @tom.nikolaisen and @SaucyWeeTart,

Our latest version (released yesterday) has a few fixes for 10.13, including removing that warning. There is still an outstanding cosmetic issue with icon overlays that we are working through, but everything else works as expected.


Hi @Tony

Thanks for that. Everything seems to work ok from my end after the HS update. I was papping my pants there for a minute!

Has this been released for auto-update, or does it require a manual install?

Hi @andrew,
It has not been pushed to the autoupdater yet, so it requires a manual install.

I’ve experienced a few issues since upgrading to High Sierra, even after manually installing the latest odrive update. The latest problems are if I make a change in Google Drive directly, it does not sync on my Macbook. In fact, it deletes the entire folder and all the files. Even simply renaming a file within a folder in Google Drive will send the entire folder and all the files in that folder into the Mac trashcan and odrive does not sync the files at all.

I’ve also recently noticed if I’m syncing files from the Mac to Google there is no longer any blue icon indicating a file is synced, nor is there that pink icon indicating a file is syncing.

There have been several other problems; these are just the most recent.

Hi @nicksatin,
Can you walk me through steps to reproduce the Google Drive behavior you are seeing? I am testing, but I may not be doing what you are doing.

Can you also answer these questions for me?

  • Is the folder that is moved into the MacOS trash the parent folder of the file that was changed, or is the entire Google Drive folder being moved to trash?
  • Are local changes syncing correctly? Is this only an issue when trying to sync a change that was made directly to Google Drive (via the web client)?
  • Can you verify that you are logged into the correct account. It looks like you have two odrive accounts: one using OneDrive to login and one using Google. I just want to make sure the logins didn’t get mixed up somehow. You can cross reference this by logging into the web client and checking that user info here: https://www.odrive.com/account/profile and checking the info under “Authorized User” in the odrive menu.
  • Can you reproduce this behavior again and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu afterwards?

Sorry, I deleted my reply by mistake.

Hopefully this helps.

I teach and have a documentaries folder. File path in question is Media --> Videos --> Documentaries --> 9/11 Commemorative Specials. I had renamed the 9/11 folder from something else. When I renamed it, the entire 9/11 folder, and all the files within that folder, were placed into my MacBook trashcan. Google Drive still has the folder and the files, but my MacBook does not.

It says I am logged into my Google account when I click on the odrive icon.

I’ll try to reproduce the problem with a different folder and send a diagnostic.

I just attempted to replicate the issue and it worked fine. I’m wondering if it’s only a problem with anything I’ve uploaded/synced since I’ve upgraded to High Sierra. I have a very busy weekend, but if I have an opportunity I will try to upload and sync some files and replicate the issue with those files and folders.

Thanks @nicksatin.

There is an uncommon case that can happen on a remote rename where odrive picks up that the folder “9/11” no longer exists, and doesn’t see the new folder in time to correlate the removal of the old name and the addition of the new name, so it ends up seeing it as a delete of the old and an add of the new.

This may have been what you saw here. It would also explain why you can’t reproduce, because it takes some special conditions/timing to encounter it. This is something we have improved in our current development versions.