Update creation date of already uploaded file causes full re-upload

Hi there!
I noticed that most of my synched odrive files had incorrect dates.
I figured this while checking personal backup of the files, comparing dates against the ones uploaded with Odrive.
I decided to pick all files from my personal backup to overwrite the synched files. The file content didn’t change but the creating dates did.
What I figure is that OdriveAgent (linux) detects all the files as updated and re-uploads everything. What a waste of time for my poor upload bandwidth…
Is it expected behavior? Could we maybe let Odrive to change only the creating date and upload only that bit instead of uploading the whole file?

Hi @cazzoo,
Yes this is expected. odrive will trigger an update on a date or size change.

Right now it is a generic process for detection and updating. Some storage can accommodate metadata-only changes, some can’t. If we wanted to allow for only a metadata change, we would also need to ensure that a file content change didn’t actually take place, since the size of a file can remain unchanged, even when content has changed.

Which storage is this for?

I understand.
Currently using Amazon photos but plan to move on s3 someday, of a photo sharing system.
I’m not sure Amazon photos offers such a feature, since its berry limited interface…

Another silly question, would it be possible to change a backend storage without reupload everything?
I plan to use my VPS to download and reupload but just wondering if there might be something existing in the odrive servers to handle such a case.

Hi @cazzoo,
Are you asking about storage migration without the client being in the middle of things (direct cloud-to-cloud)? If so, no we don’t have something for this yet, although this is something that is “baking” in engineering, so to speak.