Unsynced files lost? NEED HELP!

I ran out of space on my amazon drive. I had files that were in my odrive folder on my hard drive that had not been synced.
When I unlinked from my amazon drive, all files including the ones that had not been uploaded disappeared. Most had been uploaded to my amazon drive but many videos had not. Where do I find those now. I assumed they would remain on my hard drive… NEED HELP!!!

Hi @tigertracks,
I am very sorry to hear you are facing this type of an issue.

When you unlink storage from the odrive web client, it removes it from odrive’s view completely. This means that the next time the odrive client asks for a list of linked storages, the unlinked storage is now missing and the odrive client thinks that this is an intentional delete. It will then tell the operating system to move the folder to the operating system trash/recycle bin.

The first place to look is in the OS trash/recycle bin. Unfortunately Windows can sometimes ignore the request for moving the item(s) to the recycle bin and it will just delete them, instead. This can happen if the item was on a volume that doesn’t support the recycle bin, or if the size of the item is large enough that it exceeds the Windows default size for the recycle bin.

If you cannot find the folder in the recycle bin then the next thing to try is a file recovery tool, like Recuva (https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva). This tool will scan the drive for deleted items and try to recover any files that have not been overwritten yet. It is important, in this case, to try to limit any adding or modifying of data on the drive to prevent something from overwriting the deleted data. Close down all other applications (including odrive) and run a tool like Recuva as soon as possible.

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