Unsync - read only file or folder that cannot be deleted

One of our Odrive members (employee). When she tries to unsync, she is getting this “this folder is a read-only file or folder that cannot be deleted” but she is not trying to delete, all she wants is unsync so she doesn’t have it in her computer. I went to verify and I am able to sync and unsync no problem. Any advise will be appreciated

Hi @yakeline.torres,
When you unsync, the files are being deleted on the local system, so it is actually a “delete” action. However, there were some changes made to later version of the software that removed some of the read-only restrictions.

Make sure the user is running the latest version, and see if that changes the unsync behavior on their system.

To update:

  1. Exit odrive from the odrive tray menu
  2. Download the latest version from the link above
  3. Install

Thank you Tony, this is very helpful
One more thing, I have a dumb question. When you say the local system, what system are you referring to?

Hi @yakeline.torres,

The “local system” is the user’s computer. :slight_smile: