Unsync Problems

I am having trouble getting reliable sync and unsync. I have set odrive to automatically unsync after 1 day. But it doesn’t seem to be working. When I manually try to unsync, some folders work, but other folders say they are not in sync and I will have deleted files if I unsync. Even though it says some files are not in sync, odrive is not uploading anything.

I am on Windows 7, odrive build 5116 and I have sent in diagnostics

When you see a message stating that files are not in sync, it should list one of them as an example. Do you see anything interesting about that file? Is there anything sitting in Not allowed or waiting in the odrive tray menu?

Taking a look at the diagnostic I do see that there were a couple of items in not allowed at the time of the diagnostic.


It does not list the files that are not in sync. The two files in the not allowed list are in a different folder than the one I am trying to unsync. It does say a folder is not in sync but when I go into that folder it does not give me the option to try to re-sync.

If there is a folder that is not in sync, why is odrive not uploading anything?

Thanks for the information. Can you post a screenshot of the dialog that pops up when you try to unsync this folder?

If it is not a particular file that is blocking unsync it is possible that something is holding open a directory. For example, having a command prompt windows open inside an odrive directory will prevent an unsync because that particular directory cannot be unsynced/collapsed.

i do not have any command prompts or other applications open that are accessing this folder.

I have sent diagnostics again.

Thanks. I am going to take a deeper look at this with the team. I see a couple of things that need further clarification.

Hi @neil.christopher,
Can you please try restarting odrive to see if it clears this up? We believe it will.

After a restart, please wait until you no longer see any activity before trying another unsync. I expect there will be some after the restart, and it could last for a little while.


Ok. I will try.

Does automatic unsync work? I have it set for anything older than 1 day.


Restarting and waiting for sync to complete did not fix the problem.

Hi @neil.christopher,
Can you send one more diagnostic please? We will continue looking at it today. The restart should’ve processed that structure properly, but it looks like it is still having an issue somewhere.

I have sent diagnostics

Hi Neil,
This is a different error than last time. It looks like the folder has been properly processed now, although there are still some things that are waiting to sync (you should be able to see these in the “waiting” list int eh odrive tray menu.

Please try unsyncing individual folders inside the “Lisa Christophers iPhone” folder to get rid of what is possible and to also isolate the particular section that is throwing that error.

We are looking at ways to give better information in cases like these, as well.