Unsync not working

For some reason several of my folders do not have the option to unsync?

Here are the options I’m given:

I don’t see anything in common between the folders with this issue.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @goodhorseytime,
The “stop” listed there indicates that there is a sync in progress, or being attempted. Unsync won’t show while that is there. You can click on “stop” then on “unsync”, although you will most likely get a warning that something is not yet synced.

Do you see anything listed as syncing, waiting, or not allowed in the odrive menu?

Thanks for the reply Tony.

I don’t see any messages at all. All I’m seeing is the blue checkmark next to the folder and inside the folder all I see is this:

Hi @goodhorseytime,
Are the files inside that folder badged too? It may be that they are not all uploaded yet and odrive is busy elsewhere. The folder-level badging can be misleading at times of active sync because the folder structure is created and synced first, which can end up badging the folders before all of the files inside have synced. It all resolves out after sync has completed, but can be in a state of flux during syncing.

What do you see in the odrive menu (click on the odrive icon in your menu bar, which is most likely at the top of your screen)? Once you get to the odrive menu, can you also send a diagnostic. The option is listed at the bottom of the menu.

Ok that’s good to know. Odrive is still syncing quite a bit, I just thought that folder had been completed due to the checkmark. I’ll wait until all my files are synced and report back.

Thanks again.

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