Unsync folder erase from view what is below

Is it possible to unsync a folder in such a way that below all files become placeholders and directories remain directories, instead of disappearing from view? This way one could still navigate the tree and selectively bring back what one needs… I seem to member a post in which they explain why directories could not remain directories, but could not find that post again… Thank you for your help with this.

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General right-click unsync on a folder will collapse that folder down to a placeholder. If you want to retain the structure, but unsync all files inside, you can use the odrive CLI to accomplish this. This would be a more advanced use case and solution, so you would need to be comfortable using the CLI to do this.

There is a blog I wrote up on the CLI that includes unsync scripts that you could use/adapt to do this:

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Thanks for the quick answer. This was useful.

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This is a little bit more cumbersome but doesn’t involve the CLI… you could unsync the folders, collapsing them down to a placeholder first. Then use the right-click --> Sync option on that placeholder folder with these options:

  • Slider Bar: set to far left (Download Nothing)
  • Include Subfolder: checked
  • Save and apply to new files an folders: either checked or unchecked is fine

That will kick off an expand process to fill out your directory structure with all placeholder files and folders again.

If you’re dealing with a very large structure or are planning on doing this very frequently, then of course this method is probably not what you’re looking for.



Nice work around, thanks. I, for one, feel like the default behavior should be to keep the placeholders in a folder hierarchy visible to allow for searching on content at least by filename.

Nice write-up on the scripts

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