Unprompted attempted download of everything in my Google Drive?

I updated from OSX 10.11.2 to 10.11.3. After rebooting, odrive got stuck uploading a small directory (<500 kB). I quit odrive and restarted. Now it looks like it is trying to download everything on my Google Drive, although it failing, stuck on a number of items as seen in the screenshot. Each ‘syncing’ item shown the in screenshot is a directory. Most of them should be stored as .cloudf files, as I have not entered them. odrive, however, is downloading them and all of their contents.

The 0% is also erroneous, as some of the directories have every item downloaded, and others all but one file, which perpetually shows that it is syncing.

I am running 4894, and my auto-download limit is 100 MB

If I try to stop the downloading process manually, I have mixed results. In some cases, I right click the directory and say ‘stop’, with no effect at all. Sometimes I am able to stop the download, and then unsync the files. In other cases, when I tell it to unsync, it tells me that it is some files are not in sync. This forces me to keep the whole directory stored locally for fear of losing data. When I navigate into the directory which warns me about some items not being synced, there is a blue check box by every item, telling me it IS in sync. argh.

Hi @jturin87
Can you send a diagnostic? I’ll take a look

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Thanks Tony. Between my initial post and the diagnostic I quit and restarted odrive again, so it was actively downloading files in long-forgotten directories when I sent the diagnostic.

Can you verify the local user name on that machine? Just want to make sure I’m looking at the right thing.

Yeah, the local user name is ahakso

Thanks. Are you still seeing this behavior, or has it quieted down now? The diagnostic doesn’t show anything actively transferring.

Do you know if a top-level folder was renamed or moved? This appears to just be odrive iterating through a large structure to make sure everything is properly up-to-date and synced. A move or rename can trigger this, especially on large structures.

I actually killed odrive while I waited for your response for the sake of conserving system resources. I am rebooting now.

If you still see “initializing”, let it sit there for a while. I believe you have many, many expanded directories in your structure and there was an operation that triggered a check on everything to make sure it was all in sync. Try just letting it sit for a while to run through the operation.

Still seeing the behavior. I am certain that nothing in the path name changed for the files in question. I have a couple of the file names hardcoded with their full paths in a couple of scripts I have lying around, and those scripts execute just fine.

I am also quite sure real transfers are happening because a directory I had unsynced because a project had wrapped up has come back (~15 GB).

I would really like to manually unsync them, but when I ask it to unsync I get the error that some files are not in sync. When I go through my browser to check for the files that don’t have a blue ‘synced’ check by them, they are on my Google Drive. That being said, I am not willing to hit that risky “delete files and unsync” button

Thanks. We are discussing internally as well, but I want to get you to a good spot asap. Have you tried drilling in and unsyncing what can be unsynced, instead of doing it from the very top of the structure?

Hi Tony,

It is all okay now. In the end, it ended up not downloading everything, although it did download some directories I wish it hadn’t. I will add a number of observations in the hope that it is useful to the team:

First point I hadn’t mentioned yet: I had updated to OSX 10.11.3 in the evening, and came to the stuck sync in the morning. This suggests that, at least initially, it wasn’t a matter of just crawling through directories. As the computer had ~14 hours to work through it.

I should also say that I actually have a pretty moderately sized directory tree. I have really embraced the odrive ethos and unsynced directories I am not working with.

Another data point: I have another computer with the same odrive settings I had not used in a several days. It is currently on OSX 10.11.1. When I booted it, I had no issues. Odrive synced the few files it needed to, and everything was fine.