Unlinked Shared Space


I shared a folder with someone a while ago. When they logged in today it no longer appeared for them. Is it possible for them to have lost the connection?

I never received any email alert about them leaving the shared space. Nor did I remove them.

I resolved it by sending them a new invite to the shared space. However, I did have to send it to a different email address, as they were not seeing the invite arrive at the original account. (Eg. originally shared with info@. Tried to resend to info@ but no luck. Sending to luke@ worked. They could then add it to their info@ odrive account).

I still see their account listed in the “members” section of the shared space. After they accepted the resent invite, I see their “name” twice in the members section.

Any ideas on why the share disappeared from their space?


If it helps, they normally login with a Dropbox account…

Hi @keith,
Do you have the name of the Space and what storage is backing it? I can have the operations team look into it to see if anything stands out.

Backed with Google Cloud Storage. My root “owner” account was able to access it fine… 3/4 of my spaces were shared with them.

I still seem unable to to PM you. If they/you can see into my account its the spaces not named “keith test”… :S

Hi @keith,
I sent you a PM