Unlink without local file deletion

Hi All,

we have odrive set to sync multiple dropbox accounts to our server.

the files are now stored on the server drives so we want to stop the sync happening from Dropbox, but we need to do this selectively by stopping individual Dropbox accounts from syncing.

unlink seems to remove the files and folders which is no good so are there any other options?

We want to unwind the dropbox accounts 1 at a time without losing the files on our server



Hi Russell,
You should be able to rename the Dropbox folders locally with a leading ‘~’ character. This will blacklist the folder and odrive will ignore it. It will see the original folder as “deleted” and it will end up in the odrive trash. When you unlink this link from your account, the listing in the trash will be removed and the renamed, blacklisted folder will remain as it was.

I would suggest trying this on a test link first, so you can observe the flow and make sure you have it correct before moving to your real links.