Unlink is not removing folder from Mac Finder

Mac (10.14.6), I unlinked a dropbox account, but in Finder the folder still appears (I don’t want it to appear anymore, but I’m afraid to delete it myself because I don’t want it to sync and remove the dropbox data in the cloud).
In the Odrive tray icon, it shows the folder in the “Not Allowed” box (Files/folders cannot be uploaded to this folder). So it seems to recognize that I’ve unlinked it, but it’s not cleaning up my local copies for some reason?

Hi @BrianWG,
This must be a little glitch with the way odrive picked-up the unlink, but you are correct that it now recognizes that the unlinked folder shouldn’t “be there” anymore. You can safely delete this folder. odrive will not sync the deletes to the remote storage (it actually no longer knows about that storage, at all, and has no access to it).

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