Uninstalled Odrive But .Cloud Files Still in Finder

I uninstalled Odrive on my Mac using this terminal command:

cd "$HOME" && rm -r ".odrive" && killall Finder;mv "odrive" "odrive_$(date +%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S)";cd "/Applications" && sudo rm -r "odrive.app";cd "/Library/Application Support" && if [ -d "odrive" ]; then sudo rm -r "odrive"; fi; cd "$HOME";

However, the .cloud files are still showing up in Finder, even after a restart.

How do I get rid of these files?

I am on macOS 11.2.3.

Hi @mh11,
These files are just placeholder files that represent the files you have on your remote storage. If you’ve already uninstalled odrive you can delete any .cloud or .cloudf files that you find.

Wow. I just did a search in Finder and have 25,030 .cloud files and 575 .cloudf files. I’m a little nervous about deleting that many files.

Hi @mh11 ,
Placeholder files are a representation of your files and folders in the cloud. This means that for every placeholder file you had locally, there was a corresponding file or folder in your remote cloud storage. Now that odrive is uninstalled, there is no connection from the placeholders to the remote storage. They are just empty files and the “real” files are in your remote cloud storage.

The majority of these placeholders may be in the backup folder that is created when uninstalling. This is done as a “just in case” backup. You can delete this backup folder which will be in your user home directory as odrive_year_month_day:H:M:S

Can you tell me how you had odrive setup? Were you using “sync to odrive” folders?

Deleting that backup directory eliminated almost all of them. Thanks!

I don’t recall how I had odrive set up.

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