Uninstall odrive finder extension


Hello. I’ve followed all the steps in FAQ uninstall odrive. (Mac) Restarted.
The finder extension is still running on reboot and it’s changing sidebar icons. When I force quit the process the icons go back to what they are supposed to be.
How to I uninstall the finder extension completely? Thanks!


Hi @scottie_dugan,
The extension binary is located in ~/.odrive (with a period at the beginning). If you removed this then it should not be possible that the extensions are still loaded and running. Can you double-check that?



I cannot locate a ~/.odrive folder or files on my iMac yet I still have the drive icon on my finder toolbar and the ‘drive Finder Extension’ running on my iMac. I have rebooted.

Please advise how to completely remove drive from my iMac.

Thank you for your help



If you have not already deleted the ~/.odrive folder, then it is still there. It is just a bit hard to find. Please try this:

Open a terminal session (type “terminal” in Spotlight search and hit enter).

This will open up a terminal window. You will now want to remove the .odrive folder from your home directory by typing in:
rm -r .odrive


Excellent, thank you, that did the trick.


I see the odrive extension finder. I checked the .odrive folder in my home directory. It is not there. see this:


Hi @brendhangivens,
Finder may be holding the extension in memory, so it will require a restart Finder or a reboot of the system for it to be released.

Also keep in mind that the .odrive folder is a hidden folder, so you won’t be able to see it from Finder under normal circumstances.

The instructions here will ensure that everything is removed: How do I uninstall odrive?