Unfinished and random sync -empty files everywhere

I have many random folders and files with the…cloudf extension . There is no option to unsync. all my files are empty and seem to exist only on the Amazon cloud drive or in the odrive folder. When i bought this, i thought my files would remail on my drive AND on Amazon drive and that only changes would be synced. Instead I have a bunch of empty place holders. I dont want my files in the corresponding odrive folder—I just want to get rid of all these empty files and replace with my real files.

screen shot

Hi @patty,
The empty cloud/cloudf files are placeholders that represent your data in the cloud without taking up space on the drive. If you would like them to be locally cached, you can issue a sync on the folder and specify that you want all files downloaded. Take a look here for how to do that: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-your-odrive#section--sync-all-files-and-subfolders-

Also make sure you have not enabled auto-unsync in your settings, so that your files are not automatically unsynced after a period of time: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-configure-auto-unsync

When I right click, I am offered no sync options–finder looks like this with a blue check

right click gives this:

Hi @patty,
Thanks for the screenshots. This is definitely odd.

Can you tell me what you see when you click on the odrive dropdown icon at the top of the finder window, next to the search bar on the top-right? That should also show you the options.

Do you see right-click options on any other folders? What about folders inside the default odrive folder in your home directory? What about on folders that are not used by odrive?


when I click odrive ico I get “no options available”

same thing with the odrive folder:

tried rebooting and just get “waiting” when I hit the odrive icon.
Odrive seems to be running-- desktop icon sping and says “ready to sync new changes”

Hi @patty,
Can you please send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I would like to take a look. Are you still seeing the right-click option saying “waiting”?

Also, I noticed you have a file in the root of the odrive folder, which won’t be able to sync since the root of odrive doesn’t have its own storage. Are you able to double-click into the Amazon Cloud Drive folder and them move it there?

Just sent you the diagnostics

After a period of of icon status “wating” I was finally given the option to sync the demos folder so I tried that.
Unfortunately the contents of the demos folder was not synced properlly to the demos folder on AMazon drive. Instead the folder contents were replaced with a ton of other files. I cant even find the demos folder any longer on my Amazon drive.

Hi @patty,
I think the issue is that odrive is overwhelmed by the amount of data it is dealing with in your account. Additionally, it appears that odrive has been moved to an external drive, which is not a supported configuration due to behavioral characteristics that negatively affect performance and functionality.

The diagnostic shows that you have 568,907 folders being tracked by odrive, currently. This is a LOT, epecially when you consider that there are files in all of those folders. This, by itself, would be a significant burden for odrive to shoulder, but combining that with this all being on an external drive will amplify the effect.

Can you tell me a little bit about this data and about your primary use case?
Was this data you had already put into Amazon Drive, previously, and you are now wanting to download it all to the external drive?

Hello Tony,
These were external drives containing a ton of movies, phots etc. I wanted them on my drive for easy access but also backed up in the cloud. I wanted additions to folders on the external drive also added to cloud. The drives are huge so i have no problem with storage. Just want them backed up (i have had drives fail). I also use CrashPlan as a backup but restore takes 2 months…

Hi @patty,
Unfortunately this may not be a great use case for odrive, at this time, because of the amount of data. You may have better luck trying to load the data in a “piecemeal” style, instead of all at once. As mentioned above, however, having the odrive folder on an external drive is not tested or supported, as stated here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs#section--move-odrive-folder-to-another-volume-.

It is something that may work, but can possibly cause some complications. For example, it can create issues with reflection/pick-up of changes, permissions, CPU heat, disk churn, inaccurate scans, user feedback lag, and other problems.

I realized I forgot to address your previous question about a demos folder. odrive will never be able to permanently delete anything from Amazon Drive, so even if something is deleted, it will exist in the Amazon Drive trash: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/trash

You can also perform a search for your demo folder, or its contents, to see if it shows up anywhere. I have seen a few times where folders or files are inadvertently moved. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/search/demo