Under what circumstance folder/placeholder in Google Drive won't sync to desktop?

Hi there,

As the post title described, I have a problem to sync one of the Google Account that I am managing, before this happened, there are hundreds of files of the problematic folder stuck in odrive trash bin, I had to unlink the account, delete the local files and relink the account, now , I am having a new problem, after relink the account, the problematic folder(plus another folder which was not a part of the mentioned problem) just won’t sync to local, not even placeholder, while other folders under the same parent folder still sync to local…I hope you can understand what I am saying, ask me questions if you don’t, please suggest.



And I just discovered that a test folder that I created under the mentioned parent folder won’t sync neither, just so you know.

BTW, I can not change the email used in this account, and it is different from the account that I am using for odrive desktop app which I changed to a new one. Please suggest.

Hi @benjaminxyang,
Can you run through the steps you are taking and what the result is versus what you are expecting? I don’t quite understand what you are seeing.

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and provide the full path to a couple of folders you are having trouble with?

The forum account is linked to your odrive account, and uses it to login. If you want to PM me the e-mail you want to use, I can try changing it for you.

Hi @Tony,

Sorry to reply to you late, I missed the email notification.

Since I changed my primary gmail once, it appears to me that now I have 2 accounts in odrive forum, please assist me to solve this.

To be clear about my problem, let’s say I have a problem in one of my Google accounts(hereinafter referred to as Account A) which linked to odrive, there is a folder B in Account A, inside folder B in Google Drive online, there are 5 sub-folders , but when I tried to sync Account A, there are only 3 sub-folders in Folder B locally, no matter what I do, 2 sub-folders are missing, no matter what I do. I hope this info will help.

Hi @yang.kc.20cy,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?
Can you also provide a screenshot of the folders in the Google Drive web client and a screenshot of the folders in the desktop client?
Do you see all 5 folders from the odrive web client?

The only reason that you shouldn’t see a folder listed is if it has illegal characters: Why are some of my files/folders missing from odrive? (Google Drive and others)
or if it falls into our ignore list: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-changes#section--ignore-list-

Hi @Tony,

Sorry to reply you late, the problems is so strange I don’t know how to manage it faster. I just sent a diagnostic via the odrive menu “Send diagnostic” option.
As for providing a screenshot, please suggest a way I can do this without expose the file name to the public.
I just checked, all the missing folders in Desktop all appears in odrive web client.
I had not checked on the hyper link you provided yet, I will checked on them when I am not busy, it won’t be soon though.



Hi @benjaminxyang,
Thanks for the reply. You can PM me the screenshot. Click on my name and select “message”.