Unaccounted for data use - help please


I have used odrive for over a year happily.

For some unknown reason, its data usage has spiked in the last 3-4 weeks. this is eating through my data cap. I am only accessing 1-3 files on the drive currently and they are word documents but the odriveapp is chewing more than 1GB a week. No new content added to account for the data usage.

Is there some place I can see what exactly it is using this data for?
Or is there some setting that has changed?
Does the background monitoring chew through data? It never did this in the past?

I know it doesn’t sound like much but data is expensive in 3rd world countries.

Any help is much appreciated

Hi @milesvet,
We haven’t changed anything recently. It is possible that the 1GB could be accounted for by odrive’s constant monitoring of the files and folders in the cloud. Though each request is fairly small, in aggregate, over a week period can add up. It really depends on what you have linked and how extensive the data structure is.

Maybe it will suit you better to run odrive only at certain periods of the day? Let me know if you would like to explore this.

Hi Tony,

I think that is what is happening.

If there is a way to switch odrive off and on manually when I am connected to the internet would be fantastic. I can then initiate a manual sync once or twice a day.




Hi @milesvet,
You can disable automatic sync from the top of the odrive menu. You can also just exit odrive and start when you are ready to sync. It will do it automatically once it comes up.

Additionally, there is a thread here that discusses scheduling odrive sync using scheduled tasks and the CLI: