Unable to sync - You do not have permission (S3)


I’m currently running into some permission issues with all my S3 linked buckets when trying to sync (specifically when trying to open a CLOUDF folder). I’m using the Windows client.

I think this is not a real permissions or IAM policies issue because I can list the buckets and all their contents using the ODrive web client ando also using the same Windows client from another computer.

Could anyone help providing some guidance on what I can do here? I don’ t see any related errors in any of the log files under the .odrive folder.


Hi @marcofogliatto,
Can you reproduce this and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I’ll take a closer look at the error you are hitting and see if we can figure out what is happening here.

Hi @Tony,

Just so you know I managed to tell what the problem was when trying to submit the diagnostics.

It turns out that my clock was one hour behind due to recent summer time changes. I was able to see that this was the problem when checking the contents of the current_odrive_status.txt file generated for diagnostics in the odrive directory:

<Error><Code>RequestTimeTooSkewed</Code><Message>The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.</Message><RequestTime>20201101T102358Z</RequestTime>

It’s worth mentioning that sending the diagnostics also failed because of this. Fortunately, the presence of a local copy of the diagnostics file helped a lot.

Again thanks for the support and prompt reply!

PS: It might be worth propagating the actual error message to the user so that it is evident what the problem is, as missing permissions is a bit misleading.

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Hey @marcofogliatto,
Thanks for the follow-up! I will see how we can better handle this error.

I’m glad you got thing up and running now!