Unable to Sync with FTP Server - The filename was not allowed by the FTP server

Just started the odrive trial. So far I like what I see, but I’m having issues with FTP sites. I’m able to create the links to the sites in odrive online. But when I try to open them on the desk top, I get an error message that reads:

Unable to sync GC Pair FTP.cloudf.
The filename was not allowed by the FTP server.

When I try to browse these sites online, I get the following error:

Cannot browse GC Pair FTP. The filename was not allowed by the FTP server.

I’m not having any issues accessing these applications, including Filezilla, UltraEdit, and Remote Desktop Manager.
Being able to use FTP sites with odrive is a key feature that attracts me to it. I’m just not having luck using FTP sites with Odrive.

It is possible that this is an incorrect error message.

Can you trigger the error again and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

I’ve just sent the diagnostic.

Can you tell me the name of the folder that was throwing the error when you sent the diagnostic?

I’ve send you a direct message with the folder path and also screen shots of the folder both in ODrive on my desktop and in ShareFile, online.

Not only are these two files not uploading, but the attempts to upload appear to be creating a large number of junk temp files. I’ve provided screenshots in the direct message that I sent to you.

Going to close out this thread since we are looking at this stuff in the other thread.