Unable to Sync: Unexpected Error

I’ve been using Odrive for quite a while now and it has always worked quietly and efficiently in the background, syncing my local files with my Amazon Drive. However, due to a change in Amazon Drive’s unlimited storage subscription I let my Amazon Drive paid account expire. Amazon gave me ample warning to save my files (easier said than done!), but I didn’t worry about it since I had all my files local. Unfortunately, after a grace period Amazon deleted all my files. Since my local folder was still synced, all my files on my hard drive were deleted as well. I worked with Amazon tech support to recover my files to my Amazon Drive. Odrive downloaded most of them to my hard drive without problem. However, there are many files for which placeholder files have been created, but will not sync and download the actual file. I also suspect there are many files for which placeholder files were not created either. I have been through every post in this forum dealing with this issue and none of the suggested fixes work.

When I chose “sync” from the Windows context menu, I get the error "Unable to Sync [folder/file name]. Unexpected error. Please try again later. Interestingly, some of the files do sync when I do this, but others don’t no matter how long I wait or number of times I try. I read about bad path names, but that is not the case here. Two files with exactly the same path names except for a different digit in the file name- one syncs fine, the other gives the error. I checked my Amazon Drive and both files are there. One will just not download. Some subfolders have completed downloaded. Other subfolders are filled with place holder (.cloudf) files that will not sync.

I am running Windows 10, version 1803, build 17134.112.

Please help!

Hi @dr.e.hampson,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after triggering this error a few times? I can take a look and see what might be happening.

Hi Tony. just tried syncing one of the files I described in my post and got the same error. I sent the diagnostic. Thanks. -Ernie

Sent another diagnostic with more attempts to sync different files.

Hi @dr.e.hampson,
Can you provide the path of one of the files showing this issue? I just want to make sure I am looking at the right thing.

I do see that Amazon is returning a 404 response (“Resource not found”) for some requests, which means we are asking for the item and Amazon is telling us it doesn’t exist.

Maybe they are still in the process of restoring these items?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Tony. I sent a message to Amazon tech support about the 404 error. I’ll let you know what they say. Although, it does look like the file is there in the Amazon web interface. Of course, that could be a link pointing to a location that doesn’t exist. I did try to download it through the web interface, but it did nothing. No response at all, no 404 or other error message.

Oh, and the path for one of the files that wouldn’t download is: Amazon Cloud Drive\Plaskett Forest Films\A4Z\Footage\Clip 003.m2t. Thanks again.

Also, interestingly, I changed the file name on ACD (the one that wouldn’t download) and the name change was reflected on my local drive. However, I still get the error when I trying to sync/download the file.

Hi @dr.e.hampson,
The path you provided matches the exception I am seeing (the 404). Amazon is stating that the data for the file doesn’t exist. That also corresponds to what you are seeing on their web client, where you cannot download. I’m surprised they don’t show an error there…

You will probably need to ping them and ask them what could be the issue with these specific files.

I’ve pinged them. Thanks for your help. Is there anyway for me to see the diagnostic data to help troubleshoot without bothering folks like you? I appreciate your help of course, but had I seen the 404 error I definitely would have bothered Amazon first.

No worries @dr.e.hampson! This is definitely a unique issue I haven’t seen before, so it is good that I am now aware that this situation can happen.

The odrive1 diagnostics are not user-friendly in any way and contain some proprietary information, so we can’t make them available to end-users. odrive2 it being outfitted with some logging and a clearer UI to help with these types of situations.

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