Unable to 'sync to odrive' with ftp destination

When I attempt to ‘Sync to odrive’ of an existing folder it works fine for an S3~ storage destination but fails for an ftp storage destination. I get an error “Unable to connect to the FTP server.”

Yet that FTP storage destination operates just fine within the odrive folder.

Hi @mark.ericson,
Ignore my previous message, if you saw it.

The issue here is that the odrive web client is unable to browse FTP storage. It is a limitation of the protocols supported on the backend, unfortunately. This means you can sync to FTP via the odrive default folder, but you cannot navigate through FTP folders via the web interface, which is required for setting up a “sync to odrive” folder.

If you are able to use the SFTP or WebDAV protocols on the host instead of FTP, those will work.

My apologies for the inconvenience.