Unable to sync - limit on rate of requests - OneDrive for Business

We get the message that we have made too many requests - but even waiting for ages doesn’t allow us in - how can I check what is causing this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @s.bradshaw,
This is a message from the service provider. Which storage is this? If you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu I can take a closer look.

Hi Tony,

I have clicked on send diagnostics and pressed send report. But can’t see a file to attach to this email.

Thanks @s.bradshaw.
I’ve recently noticed a significant increase in OneDrive for Business throttling, especially during the normal U.S. business day. I have reached out to them about it, as I think they have introduced much stricter limits within the last 2 weeks or so. I am looking at what we can do on our side to try to mitigate the effect.

Hi Everyone, thank you in advance for your help. I’ve tried a lot of suggestions on the forum, but I am willing to try them all again if you have good advice.

I have reinstalled Odrive twice, and run into the same problem each time. When I start to sync my OneDrive for Business, it starts to sync a few files, then fails and doesn’t sync anything more ever again. Each time I try to sync a ****.cloudf folder, it gives me the error “Microsoft OneDrive enforces a limit on the rate that requests can be made to their service.” I’ve tried waiting for a day, I’ve tried reinstalling Odrive twice, and I’ve even tried unsyncing folders to minimize the number of requests. All have resulted in the same error.

I can sync on another computer no problem, both are Macs running 10.13.4. The difference is that one is at my desk at work (behind their network) and one is at my home. Making me assume my office network has something to do with it…

Thanks again! Looking forward to getting this solved.

Hi @nick.kawakami,
Please see the post above.

I have noticed this issue lately and have an outstanding query to the OneDrive team about it. I have implemented a more aggressive backoff when this error occurs, but in order to be effective it will need to be rolled out to everyone, so we need some extensive testing on it before we can get it out.

For now I’ve noticed that the effect is greatly reduced after about 4:00pm PST

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Hi @Tony, thank you for taking the time to respond!

I’m taking this as “we don’t have a solution yet, but we’re working on it” and it sounds like Microsoft is not being very responsive to your investigation. Do you have any solution I could try, other than waiting for a more aggressive backoff to roll out? Otherwise, odrive is useless to me if I can’t use it during work.


Hi @kneekolaz,
Unfortunately there isn’t any other workaround that I can see at this time, but I’ll let you know what we find out.

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Thanks Tony,

Is it possible to rule out any internal factors such as space, filename errors (causing drive to go around in circles). I have an ex-team member who had problems keeping on top of syncing issues and i don’t have access to his computer to sort it out - is it possible to “disconnect” his account?


That’s too bad. Thanks for your help though.

Hi @s.bradshaw,
It is actually a limit that is being applied to our entire integration. Generally Microsoft will rate-limit the individual user, so that others are not affected, but recently they seem to have really tightened down on overall limits. I am still waiting to hear back.

Update: I don’t know if it actually is a timing thing, but I was able to sync on “off hours.” Once I got the initial sync done then, I can keep everything updated (as far as I can tell).

Hi @kneekolaz,
The throttling seems to most apparent during U.S. business hours. We are working on releasing a new client version that should help.

The fix has been rolled out to everyone, so we should start seeing a big reduction in the rate limit messages.

Hi Tony,

There was an improvement for a few days but it now seems to be worse than ever and I can’t even sync a single page pdf! This is causing us significant problems.


Hi @s.bradshaw,
My apologies for continuing to run into this.

I wonder if Microsoft is having capacity problems…

The back-off we employ now is pretty aggressive. I will do some testing and take a look at how we can possibly tweak this to better effect.

Hi Tony,

It is now working as it should - not sure that is because of time of day or something which will continue.


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I’m am getting the following error message frequently now and it is making odrive unusable with OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive enforces a limit on the rate that requests can be made to their service. You have made too many requests recently and hit this limit. Please wait a few minutes before making additional requests to Microsoft OneDrive.

This seems to happen randomly. I saw some prior traffic on this issue but no solution. What could be triggering this error message? I fear that Odrive will direct inquires to MS and MS will say its a a Odrive issue and I’m out of luck. Has anyone solved this issue?

Hi @nbklaw,
This seems to be a recent thing by Microsoft where they are heavily limiting requests. I’m not sure if they are having capacity issues, in general, and have decided to impose much stricter throttling.

We previously pushed out an adjustment to try to deal with it by apply a more aggressive back-off. It improved things, but it this issue seems to still happen during certain times of the day.

Thanks for reply. Is the limit related to “me” in particular or is it “us” somehow as a function of the odrive service across all your subscribers as connected to MS OneDrive? In other words is MS somehow seeing all odrive users as one entity?