Unable to Sync ... Google Error


So we’ve been seeing errors the last few days when we try and sync both old a new media that we have on Google Drive. We’re syncing media through external folders, the error says Unable to Sync (filename) Google Error. In the browser we are able to access the files in odrive’s web preview and in Google Drive. We are accessing through the user that owns the file. In a few cases the files aren’t showing up in Finder, but not always, may be unrelated. Not sure what’s going wrong? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this for us.

Hi @brenton,
Can you trigger the error again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Is this only happening in these external folders?
Do you see the same error if you drill into the same folder from the default odrive folder and try to sync the same file?

I triggered the error again and sent the diagnostic. It happens in both the external and internal folder for the same files.

Hi @brenton,
The error coming back from Google is “The download quota for this file has been exceeded.”

This file must be shared with multiple folks and it hitting an internal limit that Google has set for number of downloads.

I’ll see if we can get better detection for this particular issue, so it is clear when it is being hit.

thank you, I’m attempting to contact Google to see if we can get find out anything from their end. It’s not just the one file, but now every file on our drive that is erring like this. We can still access that and all the other files from other accounts through odrive, just not through the account we’d like to be using. But this is not looking like it has anything to do with odrive in particular, we tried and can’t download the files from Google Drive File Stream either. Thanks for the quick response!

No problem @brenton!

If you get a response from Google, I would be curious to know what information they give you about this, if you are able to share.

Hi Tony, I’ve been back and forth with Google a few times now. Our issue was a download limit we reached that should have been cleared in 24 hours, although our issue lasted a few days I suppose because of the underlying issue continued to trigger the limit. The limit cleared over the weekend and we are again able to download normally for the time being. After looking at our reports from Google it shows that several files were downloaded from the user in question hundreds of times each, in one instance one file was downloaded almost 900 times just last week. We would expect the files to be downloaded at most 5-8 times, but 900 times is crazy. And all of those downloads came from just two IP addresses pointing back to our office, so now I’m looking at odrive again wondering if it was something getting stuck in some kind of loop there. Is there any chance our odrive diagnostics could shed any light on what happened to cause a file to be downloaded 900 times over a few days? We don’t seem to have 900 copies of the file anywhere. Several dozen of the many hundreds of files we uploaded last week were downloaded more than expected, and of those only about 17 that were in the hundreds of downloads per file category.

one of the files in question: BAY-MSW_0010_12_1_3_SOLO_LECTURE_PREPARING_YOUR_AGENCY_FOR_TERM_TRANSITIONS.mp4

Hi @brenton,
That is definitely odd.

odrive will only retry a download a couple of times before giving up. If the file was being changed a bunch, and someone already had it synced locally, odrive will detect the change and sync it down. That is the only thing I can think of that would cause so many downloads of the same file.

Are you able to see which system was the one downloading everything?

A diagnostic could help if we were able to catch it doing these downloads, but it doesn’t retain enough history to pick it up if its happened a while ago.

Are there any other clients being used against this storage besides odrive?