Unable to sync delete - OneDrive

Odrive syncs uploads with OneDrive but is not able to delete when syncing trash.

I’m guessing it’s a permissions error but it’s very annoying, my trash is now huge and all the cloud storage is messed up.

Hi @martinkendrik,
Can you try to empty the odrive trash again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look at the errors that you are hitting?

Are you seeing any errors pop-up, or is the action just not doing anything?

Thanks for the reply, I’ve been struggling with this for ages, yesterday I spent a lond time doing manual deleting and sorting everything out. I manually cleared about 600 files from the trash. I just tried to sync deletes with the remaining 180 odd and it worked.

I can’t recreate the problem now but if/when it happens again I’ll do the diagnostics report to get to the bottom of what’s causing it.

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Thanks for the update @martinkendrik. Let me know if you run into this again.

We should also have a new release coming out soon that improves some of the error handling of the trash routine.

Hi @martinkendrik,
The release I mentioned above is now available:

I have updated successfully, hopefully things will be better now