Unable to login with Amazon

I tried to log in using Amazon but it says Site can’t be reached.

Hi @frank_delargy,
Can you provide some details on what error you are seeing and what steps are needed to encounter it?

I’ve tested logging into odrive with Amazon and it seems to be working.

I missed the part about creating a new account first. So I can now login to the new Odrive2 account using my amazon account. When I click on the link in the email sent announcing Odrive2 to get credit for premium users. I try to login using Amazon and I get this message.
“This site can’t be reached”. The web address is wonky… http://new.odrive.comhttps//new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html?state=6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe..etc - I modified the last several digits.

Thanks @frank_delargy,
It looks like we are creating the URL incorrectly. I will have the team take a look right away. You should be able to remove the initial part and hit enter on the URL once it looks like: https://new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html?state=6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe..etc (or just new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html?state=6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe..etc) and that should get you through in the meantime.