Unable to log into odrive1 account using Amazon auth

I am trying to access my odrive1 account using Amazon authentication but I am getting an error the same error Amazon auth error that apparently has been affecting all of odrive for at least the past few days. Unfortunately, since this is how I authenticate into odrive I am completely locked out of my odrive account. I created this account (hinder90) account in order to file this support ticket. My actual user ID is “darfnader”. I don’t mind changing auth methods to something like Google Drive if that is a possibility.

I am or was a premium user but haven’t used odrive for some time because of the lack Dropbox API v2 support ended up being deal breaker. Now that odrive2 is out I am hoping that it not only resolves my long standing issue with preservation of file-mode and ownership information that was previously unsupported, I also am hoping it is a way to get around Dropbox’s pesky new 3 device limit for non-premium accounts.

I don’t know if my premium membership for my previously “abandoned” acount is still valid for the upgrade discount, but I would at least like to preserve the history, connections, etc…


PS: Strangely my old avatar is coming up when I use this account so I must have tried to use Google to authenticate and link to the Amazon-authenticated account but I guess it didn’t work.

Hi @hinder90,
Amazon is currently having an issue with their OAuth. I have reached out to them directly as well as posted on their developer forum here: https://forums.developer.amazon.com/questions/204257/500-error-from-amazon-during-oauth-flow.html

I am still waiting to hear back from them.

For Dropbox, we added modtime retention when we added Dropbox Teams support. If you link your Dropbox using the Dropbox Teams option (vs the regular Dropbox option), the modtimes will be retained. We do not support ownership and mode attributes, however.

Thanks @Tony, I understand that the auth problem is out of your control. I was hoping there was some other way to authenticate against the account somehow. The reason for my using Amazon auth in the first place is convoluted and no longer relevant. If the account is sealed until Amazon resolves this, then I guess those are the breaks. It is worth asking if you can see the other account (user “darfnader”) and whether it has any value for the price break on odrive2 Premium or not. Otherwise it’s just about retaining my esteemed identity on your forums. :wink:

I actually misspoke about Dropbox supporting file mode and ownership. I actually am the this guy from 2017 but I discovered that Google Drive must be able to support this since ocamlfuse which uses google drive supports mode and ownership. Does odrive2 as well?

Finally, is iCloud support ever going to happen or does Apple make that impossible?

Thanks @Tony! Glad to be back and I hope I can get to using odrive again- great tool!

Hi @hinder90,
I believe you already discovered this, but Amazon resolved their issue today (I need to take a look at your other post, too).

For mode and ownership, odrive does not persist those attributes on any integration, currently. I believe it would be possible using the custom attributes abilities that some integrations, like Google Drive, offer. It just hasn’t been an oft-requested feature, so it hasn’t made it onto the roadmap.

iCloud’s lack of a published, public API for general cloud storage access is preventing that integration from happening. I doubt they will provide one, but you never know.