Unable to log in with Mac desktop client - Duplicate Account Issue

I am unable to login with the Mac desktop client. My account says that it is “logged in with Amazon”, so I’m using Amazon to log in and setup with desktop client. But I get the following error message:

You signed in with different credentials.

The account you signed in with doesn’t match the one you used previously. Please sign in with the same account that you used before.

I just purchased a Premium subscription today, but afterwards realized that somehow I had two odrive accounts. Not sure how this occurred. I proceeded to close my non-premium account entirely. It would seem that it was the non-premium account that was logged in on my machines.

I guess the app doesn’t like when people switch accounts on their machines (I understand why, that has potential to create a sync nightmare). While I didn’t even realize that I had multiple accounts, they were both being used to sync the same Amazon Drive account, so I’m hoping this reduces the opportunity for errors once I’m set up again.

So far I have tried clearing all of my browser data, reinstalling the desktop client, and renaming my odrive folder - none of which have been successful. Any and all help appreciated.

Hi @braddownie,
Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. You are exactly correct that odrive tries to protect against logging in as a different user to prevent a sync nightmare. :slight_smile:

Do you see an item in the odrive menu (in the MacOS menu bar) that says “Authorized User”? If so, try clicking on “Deauthorize” there to prompt odrive to log you in as a different user.

If that doesn’t work you can try a complete uninstall using these instructions here: How do I uninstall odrive?

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Thanks Tony! I ended up having to uninstall and re-sync as per the link you provided, but it was relatively painless.

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Great! Thanks for the follow-up @braddownie.